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Why Alta Commercial Cleaning is growing

At Alta Commercial Cleaning, we have been experiencing exponential growth in the last few months. We are getting clients across the board from small to large companies. The secret to our growth is contained in our policies and procedures.

Here are some of them

We treat each client uniquely

We understand that no two clients have the same needs despite the needs being similar. Therefore, we handle each of the clients uniquely. Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to your need. We do not use one solution to meet all our customer needs.

Our quality speaks for itself

We offer quality cleaning services consistently every day of the week for the entire period of the contract. We have built a reputation around quality service delivery. We have raving reviews from customers we have served in the past. This is the major reason why many new companies come on our way.

We have quality assurance parameters within which we maintain our quality. We review these parameters from time to time to meet new dynamics of the cleaning profession.

We hire and train the best

We have a strict hiring procedure that involves academic and background checks. This ensures that have the best quality of staff that you can get everywhere. Once new cleaners get to our premises, we take them through a rigorous training program to enhance their service delivery by improving their skills, communication and customer service skills.

We recognize that customers are the face of our company. Therefore, we ensure that they reflect the value and the culture of the company. In addition, we take good care of our staff by offering them reasonable wages and insuring them against the dangers of the profession. Therefore, they have nothing to worry about except service delivery.

We have several cleaning certifications

We have acquired several cleaning certifications. We are committed to maintaining acceptable cleaning service standards such as the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association Certification, Cleaning Industry Training Standard, and Cleaning Management Institute Certification. We regularly train our teams to enhance our compliance to all our certifications.

The certifications touch on green cleaning practices, ongoing training, and compliance with local regulations. We guarantee that our service meets the industry’s best practices and set standards.

Be part of our growth by hiring us today. It is a simple as giving us a call and then signing a less restrictive cleaning contract. A clean environment not only makes the workplace conducive for workers. It also impresses your clients.

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