Alta Providing Janitorial Services to National Clients

Alta Cleaning company has been hitting major cleaning contracts with some of the leading companies including Apple Stores, AT&T,  dozens of National banks, and power companies among many others. It also has very many medium sized companies lining up for it cleaning services. What may look like just a local cleaning company is now the talk of the marketplace.

Why are large companies seeking out for its cleaning services from local cleaning company?

 We do not play around with quality when doing our cleaning

Our aim is to do more than we are hired to do. We always exceed customer expectations and leave the offices spotless. We understand that the look of the premises has a lot to do with the value that your customers place on the brand. Therefore, we ensure that the place is spotless and fresh.

 We are prompt

We are committed to our services. We do not beat around the bush when it comes to delivering the service. We are consistent in the quality of our services and punctual. You are assured of the same level of commitment to quality every day covered by the contract.

Our cleaners easily blend with the companies

We have highly trained cleaning staff members who are able to forge a good working relationship with the client companies. They are friendly and flexible according to the needs of the individual companies that have hired us. We cut the red tape from the service delivery to speed up decision-making and empowered our cleaners to work the best they can. This has always resulted in quality services.

We take our time to train our cleaners in aspects of service delivery, customer service, and best practices in commercial cleaning. Therefore, you are assured that highly professional teams are the ones handling your cleaning needs.

We are committed to keeping our world clean and green

All the big companies have signed a commitment to lower their carbon footprint and keep the world clean and green. We help them achieve the dream by using quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our detergents do not pollute your indoor air quality or affect plants or water sources. Moreover, we do not waste water resource unnecessarily in the course of our cleaning.

Even with cleaning contracts with major brands in the marketplace, we have room for any business regardless of the size. We can replicate the same quality of our local cleaning company services in your premises.  Talk to us today.

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