Janitorial Services Supervisor

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Job Descriptionjanitor_supervisor



This position acts as the first line on-site supervisor for the janitorial function. The supervisor may be assigned a normal task under the ‘Janitor/Cleaner’ function. The Supervisor may also be needed to perform Janitorial tasks in addition to the employees they may supervise.

  • Train and manage employees to ensure all client rules, guidelines, regulations and expectations are adhered to
  • Direct special cleaning projects
  • Develop and manage supply par levels, ensure supplies/materials are purchased and managed to meet business needs
  • Manage quality levels by performing and documenting inspections, perform audits in regards to quality of service
  • Maintain clean organized stock room/ office space, provide remedial (refresher) training to employees as needed
  • Perform and document equipment inspections and replace hand tools as needed in order to maintain a safe employee work environment
  • Perform janitorial tasks or fill in for absent employees, review and ensuring accurate time keeping records of all employees as necessary.
  • Direct all general cleaning to ensure proper usage of chemicals, equipment and cleaning procedures
  • Work weekends and holidays as necessary

Job Requirements



  • 3-5 years Janitorial experience, 1+ years supervisory experience
  • HS or GED completion preferred


  • Strong communication skills and ability to communicate with subordinates, coworkers, clients and upper management
  • Able to read, write, and understand directions and complete assigned tasks
  • Develop, present, manage and complete floor schedules for hard surfaces and carpets
  • Ability to develop, and execute work schedules making the most efficient use of personnel
  • Ability to work in a demanding, fast paced, high volume environment
  • Must be a team player and committed to working in a quality environment
  • Demonstrates exceptional customer service skills, with a focus on customer satisfaction


Position available at the following locations:



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