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Alta Janitorial Services March 24, 2014

About Us

What is different about us?

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies is our efficiency and open lines of communication. We continuously work with our customers, instead of against them, to solve minor issues before they become major problems. Our team, from ownership through site management, is required to maintain a high level of integrity, ethics and responsibility.

We have a strong presence in states in the West of United States.  We are currently proving Cleaning Services in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Washington and Texas

Our employee retention rate is high due to excellent compensation and a mutual respect amongst management and staff. Our owners participate in the company’s daily operations and make regular site visits, where various quality control inspections are performed. Most janitorial companies strive to maintain a score of 85% on their quality control inspections. Alta Janitorial Services requires the site supervisor and staff to consistently maintain a 90% score, or better

How often do we beat competition's price?0%
Our Employee Retention is (simply the best in the market)0%
Client Retention (Based on Contract renew)0%
5 Star Review0%

When it comes to high expectations and excellent service, Alta Janitorial Services continues to be selected by corporations and property management firms within the community. Our experience and ability to provide ongoing customer satisfaction are the reasons customers continue to select us to maintain their buildings.

Alta Janitorial - California

Here are a few things that are different about Alta Janitorial:

  1. We will provide a minimum of 3 references from current clients
  2. We can provide background checks for every employee that will have access to your building
  3. A ticket system to make efficient communication in case of special request or complains  (http://www.altajan.com/tickets/)
  4. “We simply strive to do what we say we do!” We are very committed to be the best janitorial company in USA

We provide customized cleaning services and building maintenance, tailored to the needs of our clients, since 1992, with an obsessive dedication to getting it right. Here is a quick reference outlining some of the businesses and organizations where we provide value-added cleaning services:

Real References

During the proposal phase we will provide real references for your organization to contact and visit to verify the quality of services we provide. In most cases. we will provide references similar to the proposal project.

Employee Background Check

That is correct! We are the only janitorial services company that can provide background checks for all os staff.

Liability Insurance

We currently carry a multi million polices to protect our clients, their avenues and our staff. A copy of the liability insurance will be provided during the proposal phase.

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