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Preferred Commercial Cleaning Partner

Are you searching for a trustworthy Commercial Cleaning Partner? Alta Janitorial Services is the best subcontractor choice you could make. We have been doing commercial cleaning for 14 years, so you are looking for a cleaning service that has learned through experience. Over that period, we have managed over 2.7 million square feet in different types of premises. We have been in schools, financial institutions, gyms, restaurants and many other private and public spaces.

Experienced service

Some of the premises we handle include:

  • Office buildings – We capably handle big offices with lobbies, restrooms, conference rooms, and executive offices.
  • Financial institutions – We have been trusted by banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to handle cleaning in security sensitive areas.
  • Schools – We understand school premises including cleaning needs for high traffic areas like dining halls.
  • Restaurants – Our cleaning crews understand the needs of busy eating places and cleaning that makes dining an enjoyable experience.
  • Gym cleaning – We know where germs thrive in sweaty environments. Our crew knows how to clean different types of gym equipment and the different areas of the gym including the pool.
  • Auto dealerships – We understand the need to handle expensive machines carefully. Our car dealership maintenance service will keep showroom, offices and waiting areas always presentable.
  • Post-construction cleanup – We are capable of handling any type of post-construction cleanup and have building ready to move in quickly. We have the crew and equipment needed for specialist cleaning like scrubbing paint stains.
  • Building maintenance – We take care of day-to-day maintenance of buildings to keep them clean and organized at all times.

Experienced professionals

We have a rich pool of professional cleaners and handymen to pick from. There are close to one hundred employees and contractors, all trained professionals in their field of work. We deploy strictly documented workers who have been carefully vetted using background checks.

Our employees and contractors have their capacity continuously improved with training on newer techniques and equipment handling. There  is one of the reason why we become the #1 Commercial Cleaning Partner.

More than cleaning

We understand that building management involves more than keeping a building clean. There are other maintenance needs in plumbing, electrical fixtures, and HVAC that will arise from time to time. We have the human resources to deal with these types of needs when they arise.

Quick response

We have the capacity to respond to higher workloads when they arise. We have a network of professionals that can be called upon to fill in, such that there are no gaps in service delivery.

Alta Janitorial Services is the #1 subcontractor is six states and the best Commercial Cleaning Partner. We have the people, equipment, and skills for a professional service delivery.

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