Alta is on track to become the #1 cleaning business in Utah

Alta is on track to become the #1 cleaning business in Utah

Alta Cleaning Company has been serving the Utah commercial market for some time now. It has expanded services with many businesses getting under its fold. Right now, it is on its way to becoming the number one cleaning business in Utah. What is its secret?

Here are a few reasons where the company is leading

It has built a reputation for quality services

Every business that we have offered our services is spreading the good word about our company. We have perfected the quality of our services and exceeded customer expectations in all the instances. You can hire us without worry about the kind of service you will get.

We work with your budget

Do you worry that hiring a reputable cleaning company is going to cost your business an arm and a leg? It is not so with Alta Cleaning company. We are flexible and tune our services to meet your need within your budget. Give us a call and let us create a package for you. We work with companies across the board from small companies to large conglomerates. We have a space for you too.

We are insured and bonded

We know you have spent a lot to have the equipment in place. Therefore, we want to give you peace of mind when cleaning your office by being insured and bonded. Our insurance provider will replace or repair any equipment that gets damaged, broken or gets missing the course of cleaning. We will also inquire about equipment that requires special care to lower the chances of damage.

We conduct a background check on all our employees

We check criminal and financial records of all our employing at the time of hiring. The screens assure us that we have responsible cleaners. Therefore, we guarantee your safety and that of the equipment when our cleaners are in your office. We do not keep changing cleaners unless there is a need. This helps maintain a good relationship between the business and our staff.

 We use high quality, eco-friendly cleaning detergents

We would like your environment to stay clean and green. Therefore, we select only the eco-friendly cleaning detergents for our service. It does not cause damage, your flowers, or the lawn.

We take care of our employees

We take good care of our employees by insuring them and paying them reasonable wages so that they are motivated to work even more. You will be amazed by their friendliness in the process of service delivery

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